Your safety is our priority

In RENDEVSKI Dental Clinic the doctors and clinical coordinators understand that patients today have many concerns regarding the safety of receiving dental care.

Strict Guidelines

RENDEVSKI Dental Clinic is a member of Dental Association of Macedonia which lays out strict guidelines for its members when it comes to infection control practices. We adhere to stringent Infection Control Protocols referred to as “Universal Precautions” and WHIMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) recommendations.

We must follow strict guidelines put in place by our regulating body, the Ministry of Health of Macedonia. This means that every patient is treated in with the highest standard of sterilization and infection control.

We sterilize all handpieces and instruments after each patient. Our autoclave is monitored daily and tested four times a year by the Insitute of Public Health of Macedonia to ensure sterilization has been achieved every cycle. Any items that are not able to be sterilized are disposed off after each patient. We also have a partnership with a utility company to ensure all bio hazardous waste is properly disposed. Surfaces in the treatment areas are disinfected under protocols which require the use of chemical solutions that insure the highest level of infection control and protection to the environment.

Clinical staff members wear gloves for the protection of both themselves and their patients. Both may be changed and disposed of several times during each dental procedure. Non-latex materials are available for use on patients with latex allergies. Doctors and dental assistants wear masks and protective visors as a safety measure for both the patient and the dental care provider.

Infection control standards highlights
  • Autoclaves for sterilisation as per regulations
  • Tracking of all instruments (invasive and Non-invasive) used during dental procedures so you can rest assured that every instrument is completely sterile
  • Disposable materials and instruments where possible
  • State-of-Art zoned sterilisation areas to prevent cross contamination
  • Industry qualified dental assistants who know how important infection control principles are as they have certification in the field
  • Annual attendance to infection control seminars to update ourselves on best industry practice principles
  • Annual health checks for all staff and update of immunisation for ourselves.