Implantation is a specialist field in dentistry. Should a tooth loss occur, the tooth gap should naturally be closed as rapidly as possible. An implant is frequently the last resort, and also offers a major benefit, in that an implant comes very close to the appearance of a natural tooth.

In most cases, a periodontal disease or tooth decay is responsible for the tooth loss. When it comes to treating the tooth gap, the question of aesthetics naturally also comes up frequently. Implantation in our dental clinic provides fast and reliable attention to a complete, fully functional and visually appealing row of teeth. In addition, implants have the benefit in that they reduce or delay bone loss.

Our professional team is also capable of more complex surgical treatments such as sinus lifting (lifting of the floor of a maxillary sinus), bone augmentation in cases of insufficient bone when is not possible to place an implant immediately. In such cases indication for implantation becomes much wider and even difficult cases of bone loss can be treated with implants.

Bone loss cannot actually be stopped in old age, and as soon as it has already extensively progressed, hardly any sufficient support of the tooth is ensured. Although implants can exhibit a variety of benefits, there is unfortunately one negative point of criticism, as well – the costs. In comparison to implantation in Switzerland, however, a cost savings of approximately 50 to 70 percent can be expected in our dental clinic in North Macedonia. A initial examination is necessary for a detailed cost projection. Make an appointment by telephone or in writing, and convince yourself of the advantages of our dental clinic.

Dental Implants

In RENDEVSKI Dental Clinic, we can offer you an immense selection of modern, reliable dental implants. Modern dental surgery allows implantation of titanic screws, implants in upper or lower jaw. After a period of time needed for osseointegration or splicing of a bone with the dental implant, it is possible to place prosthetics on such implants, such as screw-retained crowns, bridges or dentures.

Our dentists naturally have all of the necessary experience working with the implants of Straumann Group Brand. With us, you’ll receive dental implants at very fair prices and leave the clinic with white, healthy smile. The implants are produced using all kinds of materials, and will win you over with a very long durability. Of course, our dentists will also make sure that the implant visually resembles your natural, still present teeth and thus is not conspicuous. After the successful dental treatment, you’ll be able to bite without limitations again.

The costs

The cost factor is definitely one of the reasons why more and more patients are deciding on dental treatment abroad. The final decision certainly isn’t very easy, however, since there are always certain fears and worries. In RENDEVSKI Dental Clinic, however, we can guarantee that you will enjoy a dental treatment at a very high, European standard. The precise costs can only be shared after a preliminary examination, because the dental treatment is different from patient to patient. If an extraction is necessary or a bone reconstruction needs to be conducted, all of these circumstances will naturally play an essential role in the pricing.

An associate partner of Straumann Group Brand

RENDEVSKI Dental Clinic as an associate partner of Straumann Group Brand offers dental implant systems from  Straumann and Neodent. These are currently the highest quality implants available on the market and have been used for years across Europe and the world. The hundreds of thousands of patients annually worldwide satisfied with these implants are evidence of their superior quality and safety.