Motor driven Endodontics

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Motor driven Endodontics for Simplified Root Canal Treatments


Now at RENDEVSKI Dental Clinic, electric hand tools are used during endodontic treatments for the cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. With a continuous, slow and steady rotation, these instruments made of a nickel-titanium alloy are more flexible than the traditional stainless-steel manual files. Activated by a small electric motor, they make the root canal procedure much faster than with conventional files. They are also equipped with a detector that allows the dentist to locate the tip of the root and to avoid perforations.



Advantages of reciprocating root canal treatments


Reciprocating endodontic methods offer several advantages over manual root canal treatments:


• Faster treatment (often in one appointment)

• Patients feel much more comfortable during the treatment

• More reliable

• No unpleasant noises

• More precision (the flexibility of instruments allows a better negotiation of curved canals)

• Higher quality treatments (more consistent)


The canal preparation is accomplished using only one specifically designed nickel-titanium engine-driven instrument used in reciprocation and without prior hand filing, which means hand files are not used to enlarge the canal prior to using the reciprocating file.



Reciproc technique


The technique is extremely simple. In the majority of canals, only one RECIPROC® instrument is used in reciprocation to complete the canal preparation and there is no need for hand filing.



Shorter working time


Working time is four times faster with the single file reciprocation in comparison with a NiTi rotary preparation technique.


Less procedural errors


A lower incidence of complications such as canal transportation, ledging and blockage was observed with the single reciprocation technique than with a major rotary technique.