About Macedonia




Macedonia - that unforgettable name evoking images of ancient, great civilizations and exotic adventure - is also a warm and welcoming modern-day republic in the very heart of southeastern Europe.

A small and beautiful country nestled in the southeast of Europe, Macedonia offers its visitors a unique blend of natural wonders, traditions and cultures - as well as a long tradition of unrivaled hospitality.


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Welcome to Bitola




Macedonia’s second biggest city Bitola is a grand old town that still bears the marks of its turn-of-the-century importance being a center for diplomacy. At the same time it exemplifies the country’s time-honored coffee culture where people take regular day breaks and head off to one of the numerous Bitola cafés chat and catch-up.

The many cafés lining the city’s pedestrian main street (the Shirok Sokak) provide endless see-and-be-seen opportunities for Bitola’s fashionable youth. The stately old architecture of Bitola goes back to more than a entury ago when the town was a center for international diplomats to the Ottoman administration, superseding Skopje and becoming known far and wide as the “city of the consuls.” Even today, some of the faded elegance of that bygone time can be seen in the neoclassical facades of downtown buildings; old gentlemen would converse in Bitola’s parks, all dressed up in their finest Sunday suits wearing hats.

Having a population of 125,000 residents, Bitola has all the characteristics of modern life: hotels, cultural events, and nightlife.

At the same time, its proud and patriotic people are devoted to passing on the Macedonian cultural heritage. In addition to the celebrated Bitola Theater, the city has over 500 traditional songs dedicated to it.


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